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What to do in the garden in February No1


Prune Wisteria now, cutting back summer side-shoots to 2 or 3 buds.

Cut back the old foliage from ornamental grasses and any perennials still not tidied up should be cut back now before growth begins - clip them to within a few centimetres of the ground.

If you'd like to grow early peas , beans and salad crops, place a cloche over the soil to let it warm up for a few weeks prior to sowing. Start Sweet Pea seed indoor for an early crop of flowers in June .

You can start growing potatoes in containers under cover for a very early crop (Lady Christl potatoes are a good variety for this). Potato Patio Planters are ideal for growing early potatoes in small spaces. If your greenhouse is unheated, protect your potato grow bags with horticultural fleece on cold nights.

Remove yellowing leaves from your winter brassicas as they may harbour pests and diseases.

Apply farmyard manure , did you know that sprinkling 3kg of Soil Renew on your soil has the same effect as digging in one tonne of farmyard manure .

Prune blackcurrant bushes, gooseberries and redcurrants to maintain a productive framework.

Plan your vegetable plot for this year to ensure good crop rotation and prevent pests and diseases building up in the soil.

Plant a bed of perennial vegetables such as asparagus and rhubarb. Order spring-planting crowns and tubers now in preparation for the spring.

Prune Rose bushes now while they are dormant. Cut back to just above a bud and remove any crossing or dead branches

Plant bare root roses now for spectacular summer colour. Consider planting some old fashion shrub roses that have stood the test of time or maybe a scented old rose by a door or gate.

Start chitting (sprouting) early potatoes - stand them on end in a module tray or egg box and place in a bright cool frost-free place

Pruning your apple trees and pear trees , this is best done whilst they are dormant. Leave plums, cherries and apricots unpruned until the summer as pruning these fruit trees now will make them susceptible to silver leaf infections.

Plant raspberry canes, blackcurrant bushes, gooseberries and redcurrants on sunny sites with free-draining soil.

Remove any old stems to avoid over-crowding in the middle of whitecurrants and redcurrants. Also the sideshoots should be pruned so there is just one bud.

Order fruit bushes such as raspberry and currants now and plant in a well prepared bed in a sheltered position .

Consider covering the area you have your bins and composting area with some winter evergreen climber such as Clematis Cartmanii Avalanche , great for covering ugly areas and adding winter interest.

Get rid of slimy patches on the patio, and paving by scrubbing with a broom or blasting with a pressure washer or using Stone & Decking Cleaner which will make the job easy.