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Viano Mobacter

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Viano Mo Bacter

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Mo Bacter Organic Lawn Fertilizer & Moss Destroyer

MO Bacter slow release organic fertiliser from Belgium is a granular organic fertiliser which destroys moss, feeds grass and improves the soil all in one. MO Bacter Organic Fertiliser is a unique moss destroyer as it will not send your moss black and saves you from back breaking work One of the major benefits is it destroys moss without leaving any of the unsightly black debris. The dead moss is actually digested by the bacteria (bacillus sp) which is found naturally in the soil but when added to fertiliser it consumes dead material like thatch and moss making it unnecessary for raking or scarification after treatment… Leaving your lawn looking healthier. Being organic it is totally safe and unlike some weed & moss killers is not harmful to you , your children or animals. It will not burn plants in your borders if you should spread it beyond your lawn, it does not stain stonework, patios or paths – a massive bonus!

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  1. Damp weather conditions required

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jun 2016

    This product is actually very good, I am not sure about the moss yet but it definitely improves the lawn condition.
    We had to wait a month though for any result to be visible, and this only happened after a week of rain.
    I suppose you could water the lawn every day also, that might speed up the activation.

  2. Hardworking product

    Posted by Julian Reynolds on 24th Jun 2016

    My lawn was full of moss, holding water and choking the grass. A first application has made enormous changes and moss is now scarce.

  3. Brought my lawn back to life

    Posted by Dave on 29th Apr 2015

    I bought a house with a very neglected lawn, it was thick and spongy with moss and very little grass. The kids loved it but I wanted proper grass.

    I applied Mo Bacter last September and it worked quite well but there was still a good bit of moss left. I applied Mo Bacter again in April and now, new blades of Grass are shooting up where the Moss once thrived and the Moss is 90% gone. It smells of Chicken Manure for a couple of days after application but I don't mind that as it's a natural smell.

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