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Summer sale


Grow Care Probe

€55.00 €25.00

Innovative smart technology Grow Care from Mr Middleton Analyse sunlight, moisture, temperature and fertiliser. Sense environment conditions in real time to optimise growing. Mr Middleton are proud to introduce to Ireland the first smart app probe that...

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Rose Armchair Patio Set

€125.00 €100.00

Our classic Rose Bistro Set with two comfy armchairs and table makes an ideal choice for those who enjoy sitting out in the garden. Designed in a vintage style, this set is light-weight and easier to move than its cast iron predecessor. Manufactured from...

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Garden Potting Bench

€195.00 €150.00

This high-quality wooden bench provides superior stability and is finished in grey. This potting table not only adds atmosphere to a garden, but is at a comfortable working height for the potting and repotting of plants. The zinc bucket provides plenty...

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Dachshund Garden Bench

€175.00 €150.00

Fun garden seating for anyone who loves a sausage dog! Bring some cute canine fun to your garden with this adorable bench that looks just like one of man’s stalwart best friends! An absolute must for any dog lover, the sturdy garden bench is...

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Tornado Pond Vacuum

€30.00 €22.00

Want a simple and quick way to clean your pond, then the Tornado Pond Vac is just the job. The Pond Vac is simple to use and keeps your pond clean and clear. The Vac body connects to a standard garden hose and uses the pressure and flow of the water...

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Giant Easy Poly Tunnel

€25.00 €16.00

An easy-to-use polytunnel that is made from tough UV stabilised, 150 micron polythylene. It forms a complete barrier so as retaining warmth and humidity in the tunnel. It helps protect plants against frost, harsh weather, animals and pests while warming...

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Boy & Girl Water Water Pump

€199.00 €160.00

This attractive water pump features boy and girl figures at a traditional water pump.This fountain feature makes a great garden focal point and is made from lightweight but durable polyresin which is easy to keep clean.Everything is...

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Garden Water Mill

€199.00 €160.00

This Garden watermill fountain is a beautifully detailed resin garden water feature that will enhance any outdoor space. In a classic watermill design, the water turns the mill wheel recycling water from an...

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Fairy Fountain

€99.00 €88.00

Solar powered decorative fairy fountain with pouring leaf detail. Water cascades gently from the flower in her hands Made from resin with an attractive bronzing. Creates a relaxing atmosphere in your garden, patio or on your...

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Original Compostumbler

€495.00 €450.00

Makes Compost in 10-14 Days! Here’s the garden composting product that started a revolutionary new way to make compost nearly 40 years ago! It’s easy to load. This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer...

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Signature Welcome Basket

€40.00 €30.00

With it’s signature rim pattern, our basket range is designed to evoke a rural idyll in a garden setting. Each basket comes with a durable coco liner perfectly affordable with a traditional accent. Create a stunning welcome display at your...

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French Style Etagere

€150.00 €120.00

Create a magnificent focal point on your patio with this superb French Style Rectangle Etagere. With a classic antique design in cast iron metal, it is a stylish, quality product that provides great visual impact. Whether positioned out in your garden,...

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Strawberry Cage

€99.00 €79.00

This handy low cage telescopically adjusts for plot size 3m x 3m down to 3m x 1.5m. Light and easily moved from crop to crop. Made from galvanised steel tube, these cages are supplied with 19mm Mononet mesh  and 25cm net anchors. We offer...

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Jumbo Propagator

€160.00 €130.00

The new Jumbo Propagator allows the more adventurous gardener to grow a wider range of seeds and cuttings all year round, thanks to its generous size 50cm x 120cm.The propagator comes complete with a thermostatically controlled heat mat,...

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Solar Insect House

€50.00 €25.00

Constructed from durable FSC Timber, the Insect Theatre features unique solar lighting with its own storage batteries that automatically light up at dusk attracting Moths, Lacewings, Butterflies and other interesting flying insects into the Theatre. The...

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Super Seeder

€49.00 €40.00

The Super Seeder is suitable for sowing all types of vegetables. Simply fill up the hopper and walk along your prepared vegetable patch, while the Super Seeder distributes your seeds accurately. The seeder has an adjustable furrow depth to suit all seed...

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Mantis 4 - Stroke Tiller

€600.00 €450.00

  The Mantis 4 Stroke Tiller is the incredible lightweight tiller that has made gardening easier for more than a million people. Originally designed to help landscapers get their jobs done quicker, the Mantis Tiller is a favourite of home...

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