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Slug Control


Eco Slug Defence


Slug barrier granules that provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants. Slug Defence stops slugs and snails in their tracks. Natural non-toxic granules provide a physical barrier around edible and non-edible plants which deter slugs...

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Cabbage Collars


Deter cabbage root fly, repel slugs & snails, control weeds around the plant and conserve moisture. Cabbage Collars are discs of black fabric coated with copper, 12.5 cm (5″) in diameter. The collar is cut to the centre, giving a tight fit...

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Nemaslug - Large Pack


Slugs are the number 1 garden pest, feeding on the foliage, flowers, stems and roots of plants. Slugs come in all shapes, colour and sizes, including the small, black, sneaky ones which live underground and the fat frilly monsters up to 4inches/10cms...

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Electric Slug Fence


Slugs and snails are repelled by a small electric shock (powered by a single battery) causing them to change direction away from your plants. Use around raised beds, surround a collection of pots, protect plants in borders. Use anywhere you have...

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