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Pest & Animal Control

Croc Float-n-Pond Protect


Protects Garden Ponds from Birds, Realistic Crocodile Head, Weather-Resistant Moulded in soft, shatter-proof material, Frost and weather-resistant Realistic profile and natural colouring Supplied with adjustable anti-drift anchor . Size: 16 Inch x 5 Inch...

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Hunting Barn Owl


Keep birds out of your fruit & vegetable garden and protect your newly sown seed beds and seedlings. The lifelike natural predator is just like a real bird of prey  just perfect for the job. Looks like the real thing in flight. Hang to prevent...

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Falcon Decoy


The decoy falcon deters bird pests from gardens, boats and other vulnerable areas. Bird of prey shaped deterrent is durable, life-like and weather-proof protecting gardens against bird damage. 14 inch (35 cm) life-like bird of prey shaped deterrent...

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Mini Yellow Sticky Traps


These pesticide-free yellow sticky traps control a range of insects pests, including whitefly, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Greenfly in the greenhouse or conservatory. Small flying insect pests are attracted by the unique yellow colour and stick to the...

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Fence Guard


Pack contains 6 x 50cm strips, 3 metres total,Protect your home and garden from unwanted visitors,Simply cut to size,Easy to fix on fences, walls or sheds,Can be fixed with screws, silicone or outdoor adhesives,

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Pond Protection


Keep Herons, Birds and Vermin out of your Pond. Delux Solar Pest Repeller PIR motion activated Animal Repeller provides a humane  way to repel unwelcome Herons, birds and animals from fish ponds. The PIR detects motion and triggers a noise...

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Cabbage Collars


Deter cabbage root fly, repel slugs & snails, control weeds around the plant and conserve moisture. Cabbage Collars are discs of black fabric coated with copper, 12.5 cm (5″) in diameter. The collar is cut to the centre, giving a tight fit...

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SB Plant invigorator


The New Environmentally Friendly, Growth Stimulant and Pesticide / Mildewcide for use on all edible and ornamental crops. Helps to produce quality fruit, vegetables and plants. Controls a wide range of important pest species. Due to the physical mode of...

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Bird away Gift Set

€17.95 €2.95

These attractive garden shapes flutter in the wind to keep the birds off your seeds and shoots. String them between two posts or canes above your vegetable plot. This kit contains attractive garden themed aluminium metal shapes which, when strung up,...

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Mink Cage


This is a traditional trap for the humane catching of mink or similar sized creatures such as squirrels . Protective handplate and carrier handle for easy handling. Easy to set with positive spring loaded trigger action. The Long lasting galvanized mesh...

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