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Bug Control

Cabbage Collars


Deter cabbage root fly, repel slugs & snails, control weeds around the plant and conserve moisture. Cabbage Collars are discs of black fabric coated with copper, 12.5 cm (5″) in diameter. The collar is cut to the centre, giving a tight fit...

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SB Plant invigorator


The New Environmentally Friendly, Growth Stimulant and Pesticide / Mildewcide for use on all edible and ornamental crops. Helps to produce quality fruit, vegetables and plants. Controls a wide range of important pest species. Due to the physical mode of...

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Nemasys No Ants


Nemasys® No Ants ant nematodes – Ants nests in lawns and borders can be a real problem. Tackle them by watering nematodes (steinernema feltiae) directly into the nests. Nemasys® No Ants controls ants of all colours (including red ones)...

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Mr Middleton's Ladybirds


Ladybirds are very attractive little creatures with a voracious appetite for greenfly and other aphids. A ladybird will eat 10,000 greenfly and aphids in it's lifetime. Once you establish them in your garden they will breed and provide you with natural...

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Ladybird Tower


A natural habitat for ladybirds and other beneficial insects. Constructed from solid FSC birch logs and oak, larch, or similar timber for durability, the Ladybird Tower has a hollow central chamber filled with natural material to provide insulation and...

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Insect Mesh Protection Netting is a fine mesh, heavy-duty, UV stabilised, long-lasting netting that effectively keeps out minute but common garden pests such as carrot fly,cabbage root fly along with butterflies and birds - and...

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