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Crop Protection

Capillary Matting


Use capillary matting in the greenhouse or home to water plants economically and  automatically, as this versatile material absorbs and holds water which can be drawn up by soil in pot plants positioned on the matting. The capillary matting moist...

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Strawberry Cage

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This handy low cage telescopically adjusts for plot size 3m x 3m down to 3m x 1.5m. Light and easily moved from crop to crop. Made from galvanised steel tube, these cages are supplied with 19mm Mononet mesh  and 25cm net anchors. We offer...

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Insect Mesh Protection Netting is a fine mesh, heavy-duty, UV stabilised, long-lasting netting that effectively keeps out minute but common garden pests such as carrot fly,cabbage root fly along with butterflies and birds - and...

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