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Fruit Trees


Ice Peach


An amazing new introduction from Mr Middleton Produces ivory white skinned and fleshed peaches with a sweet flavour .Just released to gardeners in 2017, the fruit start yellow, and ripen white, and store very well once picked. Amazing spring pink...

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Lilliput Pear Conference


The best known of all pears, ‘Conference’ is an excellent dessert pear . The long bell shaped fruits with firm flesh can be eaten hard or fully ripe with a smooth juicy flavour. Trees crop late in the season from October to November,and the...

Plum victoria


They need only a small sunny space to thrive in your garden, or in pots on a patio. Once tasted, never forgotten!Our Victoria Plum Tree is a popular classic, not just because of the incredibly juicy flavour but because this tree bears a...

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