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Dicentra Love Hearts


Gardens come alive with this Fern-leaf Bleeding-heart valued for its compact habit and long season of bloom. The picture of elegance forming a vigorous clump of blue-green leaves, topped by clusters of delicate, dangling heart shaped flowers in pure...

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Anemone Wild Swan


This plant is believed to be a cross between early and late flowering forms and the result is a plant which flowers intermittently from May to November. Each pure white petal has a distinct grey-blue streak along the reverse, so when in bud, or when the...

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Echinacea Pink Parasol


Pink Parasol has stunning, large, deep purplish-pink blooms, with contrasting orange cones standing proudly above strong stems. Each bloom can reach 7-10cm (3-4in) in diameter compared to other varieties only reaching a diameter of 5-7cm (2-3in). Once...

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Poppy Fruit Punch


Bred by T&M's flower breeders, this stunning mixture follows in the footsteps of the customer favourite Coral Reef, just one of the many colours included in this gorgeous mixture. Height: 60-75cm (24-30in). 48 seeds approx.

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Poppy Blue (Meconopsis)


Is there a more beautiful bloom in the entire flower kingdom then the famous Blue Poppy? It is only to be expected that an elusive, magical flower like this is a little harder to grow. The secret with this plant is to grow cool and well shaded. Height:...

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Wild Flower Ragged Robin


An attractive wild flower with bright pink flowers with raggedy petals. Hence it is often known as Ragged Robin, because, just like the bird, it stands out brightly at the start of summer. Plant in damp areas of the garden.Height 25-100cm (10-40in). 300...

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