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Tornado Pond Vacuum

€30.00 €22.00

Want a simple and quick way to clean your pond, then the Tornado Pond Vac is just the job. The Pond Vac is simple to use and keeps your pond clean and clear. The Vac body connects to a standard garden hose and uses the pressure and flow of the water to...

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8 Litre Metal Slimcan


The modern, some might say continental, version of the Traditional Can. Designed with a single handle running from front to back, this can is best used two handed but can easily be used single-handed. Made from heavy gauge steel with a hot dip zinc...

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Water Waiters (S573)


Simple self-watering system for house plants that is an ideal solution to keeping plants watered whilst on holiday. The smart way to serve your plants. Draws water into soil as needed and prevents over and under watering.  Pack Of 3

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H2 Go Bag

€14.95 €9.95

Winner of Garden Answers Best Innovation Award 2008 A great problem solver for watering your plants down the end of the garden or at the allotment, this H2go bag allows you to transport up to 80L of water in your wheelbarrow, using the anti-slip mat...

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1 Litre Heritage Can


1 litre injection moulded Heritage style plastic can with lattice hatch design to the sides. Supplied with a round brass face rose. Available in 10 colours. Available in 5 colours: Duck egg blue, green, kingfisher blue, pink and sage. Engineered from...

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6 Litre Practican Can


Quality blow moulded 6 litre plastic watering can which comes with an oval brass face rose and plastic downspout. Engineered from high grade, recyclable plastic for wall strength and rigidity Brass faced rose for fine spray – eliminates seedling...

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Automated water system


Irrigate up to 20 plants. Use extra drippers for large pots & baskets or where there are plants that may be particularly thirsty. Just follow the easy guide to set up your system using as many drippers as necessary. Each dripper will deliver 1/2...

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Capillary Matting


Use capillary matting in the greenhouse or home to water plants economically and  automatically, as this versatile material absorbs and holds water which can be drawn up by soil in pot plants positioned on the matting. The capillary matting moist...

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Pond Protection


Keep Herons, Birds and Vermin out of your Pond. Delux Solar Pest Repeller PIR motion activated Animal Repeller provides a humane  way to repel unwelcome Herons, birds and animals from fish ponds. The PIR detects motion and triggers a noise...

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Oxygenate your garden pond with the power of the sun. Keeps fish and pond-life healthyHelps keep your pond clean and algae free Fitted in minutes Oxygenate your garden pond automatically to prevent water oxygen levels dropping dangerously low. The...

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Floating Lily Fountain


The Solar Floating Lily Fountain has a realistic style and movement like a pond lily pad. Powered by an integral solar panel which operates in direct sunlight, it includes 3 fountain heads for different spray patterns. It also includes an anchor bag to...

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Eco Pond Clear


Totally organic, no chemicals Cleans algae bloom, blanket weed, green scum and duckweedAmazing Eco Pond Clear Just one application is all it takes to create a crystal clear pond in as little as two weeks . Eco Pond Clear is an all natural, microbial...

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Automatic Water Timer


The Electronic Water Timer has a two dial function for multiple watering options, independent watering frequency and run time. Will operate gravity fed from a water butt where required (requires threaded 3/4″ water butt tap). Incorporates a timer...

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