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Nester & Houses



Our 'Frogitat' provides an attractive and safe retreat for frogs and toads in any garden. Made in ceramic, the Frogitat provides a naturally cool, safe space with an 'overwintering' shelf at the rear and an open front area as a cool 'summer retreat'...

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Ceramic Teapot Nester


Friendly robins will make themselves quite at home in this ceramic teapot nester. Territorial little fellows, once they move in they’ll become quite the companion in the garden. With fixing holes in the base, it can be secured with wire or a screw...

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Ceramic Bee Nester


The Wildlife World Ceramic Bee Nester (skep)is a fully functioning nest for Bumble Bees. Originally made from straw or wicker, this ceramic construction is a modern interpretation of a centuries old design conceived to provide an attractive and...

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