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Fundraising with flower bulbs

Over the last 6 years Mr Middleton has helped hundreds of schools and clubs across Ireland raise much needed funds .

Raise thousands of euro’s for your school/club with our unique fundraising project .

If your organization or school in need of funds. Why not follow the example of many schools and clubs who have raised thousands of euro’s with our easy to run program. It’s simple ,effective and enjoyable and for every EURO your members sell you get to keep 50%.


All cost are paid by Mr Middleton and with almost 40 years in selling bulbs we can guarantee your supporters will be delighted with the program.
We produce a full colour catalogue plus supply top quality bulbs with full cultural instructions to help even a novice succeed .
Mr Middleton is a trading partner with many diverse groups , from major national newspapers to small one room schools in Donegal and Kerry .

So whether you want to raise €200 or 2 million we can help.

Find out more e-mail or phone Vera today
Phone 01 8603674