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Bletilla Collection

€27.00 €24.00

Bletillas is a small highly attractive terrestrial orchid with delicate fragrant  flowers and pleated sword-shaped leaves resembling the foliage of a palm seedling. It is probably the easiest of all the orchids to grow and will usually flower in its...

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Tree Lily Honeymoon


A winsome big beauty, it is the colour of warm honey with an interior blushed pale yellow and green nectary furrows. Orienpet Lilies combine the stature of the Chinese Trumpet Lily with the exotic beauty of the Oriental Hybrid Lily. Their huge, waxy...

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Amaryllis Collection


A brand new new fully hardy Amaryllis thats as easy to grow as tulip or crocus and perfectly suited to easy growing outside in the garden.Summer flowering outdoors, they have been developed to be more cold hardy and provide more blooms than other...

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100 Sensational Summer Bulbs

€60.00 €35.00

Dazzling summer flowering bulbs such as these are a joy to behold. There is nothing more wonderful or satisfying than a warm garden, full of colour and the secret is to plant a variety of bulbs which will last all summer, from June until September. Plant...

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