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Calathea & Marantha 5L

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Calathea & Marantha 5L Why order SYBASoil Calathea & Maranta mix? - Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!- Improved root…

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Calathea & Marantha 5L

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Calathea & Marantha 5L

Why order SYBASoil Calathea & Maranta mix?

- Peat-free soil, good for your plants & nature!
- Improved root development
- Organic nutrients & booming microbial life
- The soil your plant deserves

How to use the Calathea & Maranta Soil Mix

Using the mix is easy!  start with removing as much of the old soil as possible. Gently squeeze the pot while holding it sideways to loosen up the plant. Run the roots under lukewarm tap water to remove the last pieces and bits. 

Also, make sure to remove any dead foliage that may still be on the plant using scissors. Now your plant is ready for its fresh Calathea & Maranta soil. Add a small layer of Calathea & Maranta mix at the bottom of the pot.

Place the plant in the pot, and slowly add Calathea & Maranta soil to the sides to fill it up. Make sure that the point where the roots meet the plant is just buried under the Calathea & Maranta soil. 

Lightly pat the Calathea & Maranta mix down into the pot. Make sure to water the Calathea & Maranta mix thoroughly after repotting, as this helps settle the mix and roots down.

Why the Calathea & Maranta mix works

The Calathea & Maranta mix has both perlite and vermiculite, allowing ample drainage while still retaining some moisture in the vermiculite. This helps with keeping the soil evenly moist. The root system will grow healthier and larger, and it reduces the need of having to water the plant too often, leaving you with more time to admire your plants! 

Ingredients of SYBASoil Calathea & Maranta mix:

  • Coco coir
  • Worm castings
  • Activated carbon
  • Perlite
  • Vermiculite
  • DCM Organic nutrients

The original habitat of the Calathea & maranta plants

Calathea & Maranta originate from the south-American jungles, they are used to survive under the canopy of leaves from larger plants & trees. They do well in little sunlight as they are used to this environment. The jungle floor has a moist & rich substrate full of nutrients from fallen leaves & other waste. The Calathea mix mimics this environment

Tip! As Calathea & Maranta like to stay moist, use a plastic or ceramic pot. Clay & other types of pots are porous, meaning they breathe out moisture. Plastic & ceramic contain moisture better. 

How to care for Calathea & Maranta plants

Calathea & maranta can be fussy, they are similar in care to alocasia plants. Bright indirect light, constantly moist soil, and warm temperatures will ensure healthy and pretty foliage. They can become too wet, so make sure your plant has ample drainage as well. 

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