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Natural and organic fertilizer differs from chemicals in that they feed your plants while building the soil. Soils with lots of organic material remain loose and airy, hold more moisture and nutrients, foster growth of soil organisms, and promote healthier plant root development.

If only chemicals are added the soil gradually loses its organic matter and microbiotic activity. As this material is used up, the soil structure deteriorates, becoming compact, lifeless and less able to hold water and nutrients. This results in increased amounts needed to feed plants.

Soil Renew


Soil Renew is a combination of organic plant matter and an ecosystem of microorganisms which creates humus in the soil. It will continue to improve the quality of soil over time. It is in pellet form and should be applied on the surface of the soil once...

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Sulphur Veg


Sulphur Veg – the natural defence against vegetable diseases. NewSulphur is a key element in plant growth. It is critical in the production ofvitamins, amino acids and enzymes.With a sulphur deficient plant that plant...

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Viano Mo Bacter


SECRET TO A PERFECT LAWN Mo Bacter Organic Lawn Fertilizer & Moss Destroyer MO Bacter slow release organic fertiliser from Belgium is a granular organic fertiliser which destroys moss, feeds grass and improves the soil all in one. MO Bacter...

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Rose Food Best Bloom


Best bloom rose feed for bush and shrub roses Organic based fertilisers which stimulate microbial activity within the soil and improves the soil structure. Roses are hungry plants and need well balanced food to produce the very best results .Best Bloom...

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Greenacres Sulphur Rose


Roses Love it A BRILLIANT TONIC FOR HEALTHY BLOOMS & FOLIAGE.Sulphur is the natural enemy of Blackspot and powdery mildew diseases .In times when sulphur dioxide was present in the atmosphere as a result of coal burning fires blackspot was unknown in...

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400% More Flowers  You’ll grow up to 4 times more flowers Enjoy healthy and vigorous green foliage Easy-to-use, one-off single application.Cost-effective and long-lasting Incredibloom® is a complete plant fertiliser that...

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