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Viano Organic Plantfood


An organic fertiliser for general use in ornamental, kitchen, herb- fruitcrops and vegetable garden, ornamental garden and lawn. It is authorized for use in organic farming and guarantees a long and soft action period (3 months).. It offers the plant a...

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Easy Riddle


Easy, efficient, lightweight garden sieve that takes the strain out of soil sifting. The flexible, lightweight mesh base and sides allow for a gentle rocking rather than vigorous shaking action.With the Easy Riddle there’s no shake, no...

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Original Compostumbler


Makes Compost in 10-14 Days! Here’s the garden composting product that started a revolutionary new way to make compost nearly 40 years ago! It’s easy to load. This batch composter has the largest capacity of any we offer...

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Compact Compostumbler


Makes Compost in 14 days! The Compact ComposTumbler was developed in the 1990’s specifically for home composting by suburban gardeners and homeowners who garden on smaller properties. This composter has all the same quality and...

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Rose Food Best Bloom


Best bloom rose feed for bush and shrub roses Organic based fertilisers which stimulate microbial activity within the soil and improves the soil structure. Roses are hungry plants and need well balanced food to produce the very best results .Best Bloom...

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Viano Lawn Recovery


Restores Stressed Lawns from Root to Leaf.From the makers of Mo Bacter Revitalises your lawn after hard play, winter damage, scarifying and drought.Transforms stressed grass from roots to the tip of the leaf. Feeds your lawn for at least 100 days...

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400% More Flowers  You’ll grow up to 4 times more flowers Enjoy healthy and vigorous green foliage Easy-to-use, one-off single application.Cost-effective and long-lasting Incredibloom® is a complete plant fertiliser that...

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Compost Aerator


This Compost Aerator is designed to help you effectively create compost from your garden waste.   Use to add air into your compost pile and to mix up the contents of your compost bin so your garden waste all breaks down evenly. Easy to use –...

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Key Benefits of Planting with RootGrowRoot Grow enhances plants root system so a newly planted plant:Finds more food, finds more water.• Needs less fertilizers.• Establishes quicker and reduces failure rates.• Has increased tolerance to...

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