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Dwarf Bulbs

Winter Aconite


These native European woodland plants are among the earliest to flower, and produce a bright display, especially when planted in large numbers under shrubs and deciduous trees. An efficient ground cover plant, it quickly spreads to become a carpet of...

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February Gold


Mr Middleton’s Narcissi are of the finest quality and well worth a small investment for which they will repay with an abundance of flowers for years to come. All the varieties listed are suitable for gentle forcing indoors in a cool spot.

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Early Snowdrops


First to bloom even in the snow, Galanthus  is excellent for planting in rock gardens, under trees and along walkways – just about anywhere. We supply large bulbs size 5+, which are grown for us in a commercial forest in Europe, in conditions...

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Woodland Bluebells


Bluebells are a timeless example of the antiquity of our ancient woods.A must for every authentic cottage garden.This mid-spring flower thrives in shady locations where colour is particularly welcome.A top choice for naturalising.We only supply the real...

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Narcissi January Gold


Narcissus Rijnveld's Early Sensation (January Gold) is the earliest daffodils to bloom. They are all yellow flowers, which is not very abnormal or remarkable, but wait till they flower before the snowdrops!  They are though and hardy a real joy in...

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Iris Cantab


These are dwarf, bulbous irises, flowering in late winter and bringing most welcome early colour to the garden. The flowers are relatively large, barely twice their own height above the soil, but are followed by much taller, slender leaves.Iris 'Cantab'...

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