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Woodland Bulbs

Muscari Mountain Lady (AB449)


Produces dainty, clustered, bicolor, white and true blue blooms. Fragrant. Limited availability. Ideal for borders, rock gardens, naturalizing, or co-planting with tulips or daffodils.If left undisturbed, they multiply rapidly. May also be forced indoors.

Muscari Grape Ice (AB448)


One of the first true purple muscari, unusual two-toned,deep purple and white flowers and green, grasslike foliage will brighten flowerbeds and containers in the early spring.Easy to grow. To create spectacular drifts of colour, plant en masse or with...

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Anemone Wild Swan


This plant is believed to be a cross between early and late flowering forms and the result is a plant which flowers intermittently from May to November. Each pure white petal has a distinct grey-blue streak along the reverse, so when in bud, or when the...

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Anemone De Caen


Anemone De Caen are described as spring flowering anemone but planting in March will ensure they will flower in mid summer. Delaying planting until June will give you September flowering. For spring flowering you would plant in the autumn and if you want...

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Early Snowdrops


First to bloom even in the snow, Galanthus  is excellent for planting in rock gardens, under trees and along walkways – just about anywhere. We supply large bulbs size 5+, which are grown for us in a commercial forest in Europe, in conditions...

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