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Muscari Mountain Lady (AB449)


Produces dainty, clustered, bicolor, white and true blue blooms. Fragrant. Limited availability. Ideal for borders, rock gardens, naturalizing, or co-planting with tulips or daffodils.If left undisturbed, they multiply rapidly. May also be forced indoors.

Muscari Grape Ice (AB448)


One of the first true purple muscari, unusual two-toned,deep purple and white flowers and green, grasslike foliage will brighten flowerbeds and containers in the early spring.Easy to grow. To create spectacular drifts of colour, plant en masse or with...

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Ipheion Stars Mixed (AB450)


secrets! Clumps of bright green foliage emerge in the autumn and winter followed by an abun- dance of star-shaped owers in spring, which are borne over a longer period than most spring bulbs. The owers have a delightfully sweet honey fragrance. Ht...



One of the earliest and loveliest of spring bulbs , adding several weeks of beauty to the spring garden. They only grow to a height of 10-15 cm, which makes them perfect for naturalising in rockeries, or in grassland . The bulbs naturally increase each...

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Winter Aconite


These native European woodland plants are among the earliest to flower, and produce a bright display, especially when planted in large numbers under shrubs and deciduous trees. An efficient ground cover plant, it quickly spreads to become a carpet of...

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